Bioheat® Fuel’s future is clean and green ... and here!
  • Today’s fuel is Bioheat® fuel, a blend of Ultra-Low Sulfur Heating Oil and renewable biodiesel. As of July 1, 2022, every heating fuel dealer in New York State will be delivering this renewable home heating option, a blend of at least 5 percent biodiesel from soybean, vegetable or recycled oils and ULSHO.

    • The ASTM (American Society for Testing and Materials) has already determined that Bioheat® fuel blends of up to 5 percent (B5) can be used in all Oilheat systems with no modifications needed whatsoever.

    • There are new ASTM standards for next-generation liquid fuel heating systems to use B6 - B20.

    • New York State offers tax credits up to $0.20 per gallon for anyone using Bioheat® with blends between 6 percent and 20 percent renewable biodiesel. Download form IT-241 and speak with your local Bioheat® fuel dealer for more information. Please review all documentation with your tax professional.

  • Advanced heat exchanger designs transfer more heat in your boiler or furnace, making the system more efficient and lowering your heating bills.

  • Some of the boilers with the highest efficiencies use condensing technology to capture heat that might otherwise be lost in exhaust gases.

  • Smart controls modulate the heat output for your equipment according to the outdoor temperature.

  • Remote monitors communicate with your heating company to alert them of system problems, low fuel levels, low home temperatures, and more. They even provide data for the dealer to diagnose the problem before the technician even leaves the office!

  • Smart thermostats connect your heating system with the rest of your smart home, and learn your home's heating schedule.

Start enjoying tomorrow's heating fuel today! Upgrade to new, high-efficiency heating equipment, and earn up to $950 in rebates.