The best way for you to lower your heating bills is to use less fuel – and Bioheat® Fuel New York and Upgrade & Save UNY want you to save up to 40 percent.

Here's how:

  • Upgrade to a new, high-efficiency oil-fired heating system. NYSERDA has recorded savings of 48.3 percent when homeowners upgraded to a new, high-efficiency boiler. And now you can save up to $950 when you upgrade.

  • It has been estimated that for every dollar invested in energy efficiency through the ENERGY STAR® program, Americans saved $4.50 on their energy bills and prevented more than 35 pounds of greenhouse gas emissions. Since 1992, ENERGY STAR® has saved Americans $362 billion on utility bills.

  • Ask your local Bioheat® fuel dealer (find a dealer now) to tune up your heating system annually, and save up to 10 percent each year.

  • Get more tips to lower your heating bills here!

What will you do with your 40 percent? Upgrade and save now!